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Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 01:06:12 -0500

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>     - S, kosher in Atlanta, and watching the approaching ice with more
> trepidation than Nancy...

Ice from the sky is kosher....

I am -so- happy that I work from home and in this nasty cold weather
going-to-be-snowstorm-tomorrow don't -have- to go out....  as opposed to
what [ObBujold] I was up at Thule, the thinly disguised original of where
Miles was sent to cool off, which had Phase storms -- phase alert, watch.
Phase 1 -- two of three -- wind speed goes up, temperature drops, visibility
drops.  Phase 2 - worse than Phase 2.  Phase 3 -- unless you are in danger
of DYING or part of an emergency crew, STAY WHERE YOU ARE -- two of the
three of wind chill factor 40 below or worse, visibilit a quarter mile or
less,  and windspeed of something digusting.  People outside during Phase 3s
can get blown away and their bodies never found. Vehicles get lots in
blinding blowing snow and go off a flat road through the ice on lakes and
nothing ever gets recovered.   Etc.

That's worse than being in Huntsville with ice and snow on the roads and
seeing all the cars that went off the road into the ditches.