[LMB] epithets

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham a.abraham at mail.utexas.edu
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 01:22:26 -0600

On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 10:19 PM, Laura Gallagher wrote:

> I suspect that was the version mentioned in polite company, such as
> Cordelia might have been expected to be in.  I suspect there was a
> cruder version as well.

<warning: College Football ahead>
Like the recent description of the Big XII North I love? Teams are:
Kansas St.
Iowa St
Colorado's B*tch[1][2]
</college football>

Personally, just looking at this subject I expect something like:
"My name is Miles the cunning,
son of Aral, who's home is on Barrayar."[3]

Or "Miles, he of many turnings"

I think Homer has spoiled me.  And that Intensive Greek Program is 
looking more tempting and terrifying as I wander towards making a 
decision concerning it.


[1] Nebraska, formerly the #1 team in the country, has been repeatedly 
trounced by Colorado in the past two years.
[2] This expression comes, as far as I know, from the reputation of the 
US prison system as a place where male r*pe is common, and weaker 
prisoners find themselves a stronger inmate's personal b*tch or 
"girlfriend".  Now generally means that one party is dominated in some 
way by the other (as in this example, football)
[3] Odyssey, Book 9, 504-505 trans. Lombardo