[LMB] OT: Re: Calling Ma Kosti

D Echelbarger bujoldjunkie at tds.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 7:10:26 -0600

Sarah said:
> Okay, we've got to get the cookbook
> back up--this is getting silly.
> Delicious, but silly.  

I'm sure Rusty is working as fast as she can.  The new site does exist, but there aren't any recipes on it as yet, so I won't post the URL here. It's much more elegant-looking than my poor attempt, though. (Go, Rusty!)

If anyone wants a recipe they know was in the old cookbook (like James' Potage Parmentier, which I probably misspelled) they can e-mail me; I still  have copies of all the recipe files from the old site.

Diane E
former Keeper of the Cookbook