[LMB] Re: OT: book recommendations

sekhmet sekhmet42 at yahoo.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 07:45:49 -0800 (PST)

>I need a few book recommendations. Suggestions

Congratulations and good luck! I spent Thanksgiving
with my sister who's at 37 weeks, and feeling
similarly overburdened. 

Since I see plenty of SF/Fantasy recomendations, I'll
mention my favorites in other genres. If you like
Wodehouse-type dialog and characters I recommend
mysteries by Sarah Caudwell. Unfortunately she only
wrote 4 books; all of them are good although I like
The Shortest Way To Hades best. English barristers and

Kate Ross wrote 4 mysteries featuring Julian Kestrel
which are also good. But they should be read in order,
as the character develops throughout and the last book
won't be as interesting if you haven't read the
others. Think Georgette Heyer style and period, but
focused on mysteries, not romance.

Carole Nelson Douglas writes a series featuring Irene
Adler, the only woman to best Sherlock Holmes. It
helps if you are familiar with the Holmes stories, as
there are in-jokes and subtle references to them, but
Holmes himself is only a minor, occasional character.
Again, best read in order.

Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series. Victorian
archeologist in Egypt. Tongue-in-cheek romance,
evil-doers, mummies and treasure. 

Happy reading and healthy gestating...


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