OT: Magic lineament (was Re: [LMB] Sherwood, and epithets)

Andi andi at diezmann.com
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 15:00:56 -0800

On 12/5/02 2:38 AM, "House of Unruly Fish" <carosue at centurytel.net> wrote a
recipe for magic lineament, including:

> Get a bottle of green rubbing alcohol.

What is green rubbing alcohol? Is it different from the normal kind? Can I
just use the normal stuff?

I have a friend who *needs* this (weird joint disorder and she's constantly
in pain...actually, I should find out the name of it and post questions,
because I'm betting someone here would have good idea of how to help), so I
need to figure out how to make it.