[LMB] List Biz: Playing TMI Onlist

lorraine fletez-brant lorrainenfletez at hotmail.com
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:11:32 -0700

Padget, Scott R attempted to clear his good name:
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 14:37:08 -0600

>Right.  Would you believe I pointed my Stern Look at Phoenix but it got 
>worn out and tired before it got there, and thus it wound up in NM?  Hmm. 
>Thought not.<

That's cuz ya can't just look straight ahead. It's *not* line of sight, ya 

><snip good reasons why the TMI Game is unbecoming to the list>
Casey is of course correct. <

Casey is, of course, ALWAYS correct <waves "hi" to Casey>!

>I shall attempt to restrain myself, even in the face of blatant 
>encouragement and straight lines by others (they know who they are, and 
>where they live--I'm not playing the Geography game this time either).<

Sorree, sorree, if you don't play the Geography game by the rules, I quit!

>We'll see how long it lasts....<

Snarf, chuckle, right!

>So I guess we *know* how long it's likely to last....<sigh><

See above <hee>!

Lorraine - Lil' Horned Hopper who never actually does TMI, but who sometimes 
can't resist handing out straight lines <g>

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