[LMB] Art and cats, was thanks for help with word

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> > Do we want to do the t-shirt thing?  Assuming the cover is not
> > excessively ugly?
> > Robert
> Lois herself:
> >     Hold that thought.  HarperCollins has contracted a very
> > good artist; see www.dmbowers.com for a peek at his work.
> Really.  My.  Um.
> Looked at his website - found it dark, dark, and did I mention dark?
> And what I considered overly ornate and obfuscatory design.
> And dark.
> Well, we'll keep our hopes up.
> Laura G.
> --
It does look a lot like Renaissance art to me--a lot of the "dark" was
IMNSHO because of the dark background of the website.  Myself, I'd love to
see what Ted Nasmith www.tednasmith.com (best-known for his Tolkien illos)
would be able to do with Herself's works and worlds.

Hmmm...I wonder how much Nasmith would charge?  If nothing else, his name is
_so_ perfect for the project...