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Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 09:10:29 -0800 (PST)

--- House of Unruly Fish wrote:

>>> Re: cold sore treatment 

Natalie explains: >> It is not clear, and a lot of the
info out there is anecdotal rather than scientific. 
Low calcium does seem to be associated with
development of cold sores, but is not the major risk
factor. <...> [S]tress is a definite risk factor <<

   Anecdotally {word???}, absolutely. With Guidz, she
can all but *count* on blowing one up just before, for
example, an important audition. The latest major bout
was just before a string of four big concerts (jazz
fundraiser, brass ensemble, symphonic band, and two
Christmas performances, all in just over a week, a
pretty brutal schedule). She started the mega-Tums
treatment on Friday (jazz gig), and could pretty
comfortably play by Sunday (brass choir). So... hmmmm.

>> I don't think it is a placebo effect when Guido's
cold sores respond to Tums.  My brother has the same
response, and the high lysine diet has significantly
helped him, too. <<

Susan concurred: > You beat me to the lysine
recommendation, Natalie! I take lysine tablets and it
works like a charm for me. <

   What is this lysine, and where do we get it?!?

> There is also a new, quite pricey ointment called
Abreva that you can apply when you feel that tingling
of a beginning eruption, which will quell it. <

   She may have some of that, I'll ask, but heaven
knows her medicine cabinet is *packed* with all sorts
of lip treatment stuff! The problem with any of the
various ointments is that you cannot play with them
on, but if this is one you use *before* the big
blow-up, maybe she can head off, or at least minimize,
a breakout. Also, anything which numbs is right
out--trumpeteer's gotta have her lips!--so even if
something gives her adequate pain relief, she has to
stop using it hours before the performance. Ow!

> My daughter says it is remarkably efficient.  I
personally think it would be more efficient for her to
remember to take her lysine regularly, but I'm just a
mother.... <

   And do they listen? *Do* they....? <G> ;D <G>

> Susan the Neon Nurse, sitting here in the dark <

   Susan, lovey, why are you darking?

~ Casey, thanking you both for the good input


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