[LMB] OT: sharing

House of Unruly Fish carosue at centurytel.net
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 10:23:42 -0700

Hi Casey, and all!

>    What is this lysine, and where do we get it?!?

The label will say L-Lysine, and you can get it anywhere they sell 
supplements.  The biggest size bottle of 500 mg tablets costs about $7-8 at 
our local Wal-mart.  I routinely take 3 a day, since I suspect I'm a big 
ol' virus preserve.

> > My daughter says it is remarkably efficient.  I
>personally think it would be more efficient for her to
>remember to take her lysine regularly, but I'm just a
>mother.... <
>    And do they listen? *Do* they....? <G> ;D <G>
> > Susan the Neon Nurse, sitting here in the dark <
>    Susan, lovey, why are you darking?

It's from the joke "How many moms does it take to change a 
lightbulb?"  "Oh, none, that's all right, don't worry, I'll just sit here 
in the dark..."  So whenever my kids are "getting on my nervous", as my 
grandson Zach used to say, I tell them I'm just going to sit there in the 
dark. :)

I'm actually feeling reasonably fine, considering it's the "Stressmas" season.

Susan the Neon Nurse

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