[LMB] Poor Simon's Almanack - December 9

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This Day In Listory:

2001 - (Digest 4870) Continuing threads, but now almost half on topic!
2000 - No digest today.
1999 - (Digests 2966-8) Still with the history, although some listees are 
trying desperately to raise ACC discussion.
1998 - (Digests 2058-61) Lots more things we like about how Lois writes! 
Listees tell of amazing coincidental meetings in far flung spots.
1997 - (Digests 1018-21) Continuing to see listee bios.  Also library chat 
and pickup truck fans speaking out.
1996 - (Digest 471) Discussion of the timing of the first attack on Simon 
in Memory. Mike Bernardi wishes a happy birthday to his internet account 
which birthed Our List.
1995 - (Digests 136-7) How to correctly pronounce "Ivan".
1994 - No posts today.

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