[LMB] Re: art and cat OT:

Betsy Hosler bhosler at partners.org
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 16:38:06 -0500

Lois is worried about her cat:
>    The cat (Mike) is being rather worrisome today, just lying around, not
>eating or drinking.
>or just deep depression about the
>plastic cone-collar he's presently being forced to wear to keep him from
>licking his stitches.
>For those who were concerned, Mike the Cat is better today.

Judging from our Rascal's behavior last summer, the cone-collar is a major
psych influence. He also didn't eat for a day or so after the surgery. (The
vet warned us he might not feel like eating immediately.) Then he had
problems reaching the dishes, even though he obviously wanted them. I tried
using a stemed dessert dish/water goblet (plastic) as a food dish. If
slightly tilted by something under the base, he could get the collar around
it and get his nose fully into the dish the way he usually does.

When he finally got the thing off, he sat down right then and there and
groomed for over 30 minutes without pause. He came up briefly for air about
halfway through, but couldn't be distracted by anything else, including

Full recovery, but I don't think Rascal learned his lesson about not
swiping food from the senior cat's bowl while the senior cat is watching.
(3 or 4 abcessed claw punctures on his chest. The slightly damaged ear
healed cleanly.)

Betsy H.