[LMB] Re: Festivities, Miscellany & Prince William

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Fri, 13 Dec 2002 07:00:14 GMT

Pouncer writes about the likelihood that Gregor (aka 
"the Good") has imported holiday traditions from 
Komarr and/or Sergyar. In general, I think the textev
(conservative, even reactionary, distrustful of outsiders
and change) is against Barrayar having an assimilationist
culture (ala the Normans or the U.S.), so I don't think
this is going to be a natural phenom.

On the other hand, in the flush of newlywed love, he
might very well add a national holiday or two from
Komarr to please his blushing bride. Since Laisa is from
"those Toscanes", Fleets Return (and its concommittant
additions to the Imperial Treasury) might v. well enjoy
popularity in the Vorbar Sultana area. But how to get fire-
works into the programme--? ?And would the Vicereine
want equal time for her new charge?

Misc.: Welcome Mike the Brum. Always glad to have another
fantati--er, devoted book-lover on board!. Also, just
had possibly supreme geek experience: I was waxing rhapsodic
on the new "v" form subdivision for Marc2 [1] cataloging and saw
the eyes of Another Librarian glaze over--!

Back to Bujold: Just finished BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF
REASON [2] and got the impression (true? false?) that
British women are gaga for Prince William, and tabloid
photos and write ups on him are endemic. Since Gregor is
easily more tasty, where were these holo-journalists
during his unattached 20s and early 30s? After all, this
is not merely a good-looking royal, but the honest-to
goodness EMPEROR of an exotic barbarian planet. Where
were the old Earth newsies at the very least?

Doing my bit for On-topic-hood,

Kirsten (I have my tickets for TTT!!HaHaHaHaHa!) Edwards

[1]but if anyone besides, oh, Leslie Knieriem knows or 
cares what I'm talking about I'll be v. surprised
[2] V. v. funny in places but not recommended for 
Bujoldians--her "I'm too ignorant, foolish and 
irresponsible to live" method of driving the plot made
much of the mid-section nearly unreadable.

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