[LMB] OT: "Drumline" movie opening December 13th

Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 07:17:21 -0800 (PST)

Jerrie grins and reminds:

>> For the band-members among us, and the band-members
at heart [hi, Casey! <weg>]: <<

   Hi, yerselfs, Jerrie! Hee. You do know me.... <G>

And Lynette adds:

> Oh I know!! <bounce bounce> <

   We'll probably be trooping <heh> en masse. Led by
Jordan, last year's first chair AllState percussionist
(Goddard High School) and accompanied by Myron, *this*
year's AllState first chair percussionist (Artesia
<spit!> High, but forgiven because he's such a sweet
kid--*and* he'll go to college at Eastern, yay!).

   All the kids are excited about the movie, though
they do say they've heard it's not *all* about the
drum line. Imagine! Can *anyone* think that's not the
Most Important Part? Well, except the Trumpeteers....
<grin> <snicker> <chortle> <grinnnnnn>

> I very much want to wait and go see it when I am in
Texas with Pilot, since he is a Bandie as well [1].
But I am worried it might not be in the theatres 3
weeks from now <

   In *Texas*? You're worried it won't draw enough in
*Texas*? Silly girl....

> Lynette <----- Who did Band, Marching Band and
Chorus in High School. <

   My kinda kid! <G> So sayeth BandMom, mother of She
Who Play(s)(ed) in Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz
Band, Brass Ensemble, Trumpet Choir, Pep Band, Soloist
(aka A Ca Trumpet, when her accompianist was a no show
through a scheduling mishap...and still pulled a "1"),
veteran of 7 summers' worth of Chaves County Community
Bands and Texas Tech Band & Orchestra Camps), winner
of the 2002 Louis Armstrong Jazz Award and currently a
Music Education major at Eastern NM University. 

   <looks around> Obsessed? Fanatic? Who, us? What
makes you ask.... <G><G><G>

> [Lynette] played the Flute and Pilot was a trumpet
[2] player. <  

   Pilot! I never knew! So now I'm probably gonna have
to adjust my tolerence level for TMI up *several*
notches. Special allowance for Bandies, double for
Trumpeteers, works every time. You sneak. Hee.
> [2] I wonder how much trouble comments about tooting
his horn would get me into. <giggle> <

   Well, since it's patently impossible to raise my
eyebrows, look stern, and laugh all at the same time,
you get a pass. Sheesh. I'm ruined. Ruined....

~ Casey, who just has to ask Lynette: Do you know how
to get two flutes to stay in tune? Shoot one of them.
You Have Been Warned. <guffaw> ;D <giggle> ;D


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