[LMB] Poor Simon's Almanack - December 12

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This Day In Listory:

2001 - (Digests 4878-80) PC language and (also) engineers.
2000 - (Digests 3717-20) Dance cards and Hogan's Heroes. POST FROM LOIS 
sharing a heads' up about a sample file of the audiobook version of BiA 
1999 - (Digests 2974-5) Weather, politics and Lois's nuking of Cleveland.
1998 - (Digests 2069-71) How various sf writers handle male and female 
1997 - (Digests 1027-8) Fun, games, and more Schoolhouse Rock memories.
1996 - (Digest 474) Multiculturalism in science fiction.
1995 - (Digests 139-40) Speculation about religion in the Vorkiverse.
1994 - (Old Digest 27) Some discussion on "Barter", Lois's first published 
short story.

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