[LMB] Lucia day greetings / Holidays

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Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:19:59 +0100 (CET)

 Bo Johansson <bo at dendarii.com> wrote:
On Dec 13, 
> what Lucia Day entails and why glitter in your2002 "lorraine fletez-brant" wrote:
> Hi, Bo and all!
> Thanks for the greetings. Now, I'd like to know
> hair is part of it. But...
> ... let's pretend you're on Barrayar. If you WERE
> on Barrayar, how would you be celebrating Lucia Day (snip)

I think some of the Koudelka sisters were "Lucia" in school, and  very formidable ones. Which ones were chosen as Lucia? Wat do you think, Bo? 

Another possible holiday on Barrayar in maybe 20 years could be dedicated to women. Called Replicator's Day? I am open for suggestions 


A strong female rights campaign, led by Kareen Koudelka, nie Vorkosigan is the origin of this brandnew holiday. Kareen and her sisters were demanding a more liberal attitude towards live-ins (1), free choice of partners etc. Betan-style of course. Possible slogans: 'Respect LPST'and "Don't die giving birth"? (1) " Wear your earring with pride"- parades secretly sponsored by Gregor, roamed the streets for weeks.

(1) Kareen and Mark are of course not married, but cohabitating. 

(2) The more conservative Barrayarans (think: Ekaterin) and the majority who cannot afford replicator still give birth naturally. And this campaign demands a publicly sponsored program- a Barrayaran public health insurance? 

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