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> A friend and I were discussing being introduced to Miles and 
> co., and I got to wondering.  Two questions, actually, that 
> intertwine.  How many of you were handed Bujold by someone 
> pushing the books, and how many of you just picked them up on 
> your own (I guess this includes being introduced by excerpts 
> in Analog, although that's almost a third category, now that 
> I think about it)?  And the second question, if you picked 
> them up on your own, are you a frequent SF reader or not?

I was actually lent an old Pan edition of the Vor Game from a friend who
thought I would like them. Oddly enough he was never and probably never
will be a convert. I immediately snapped up everything with LMB on the
byline (can you use that word for anything other than newspaper
articles?), which at the time included everything up to Komarr, which
was released a couple of months after I was hooked.

I then started pushing the books on friends myself and have two
converts, both of whom are now buying their own copies of the books. He
drive continues, my sister will be getting a copy of Cordelia's Honour
this Christmas. I hope it finds root.

I would like to think that I would have picked up Lois' books
eventually. I have a habit (as I am sure many here have) of picking a
new name at (sort of)random from the bookshelves and giving them a try.
That's how I discovered D*v*d W*b*r and I am sure if my friend had not
introduced me to Lois soon after that, the quest for more DW books would
soon have taken me to Baen and almost certainly LMB.