[LMB] a small poll

Meg Justus megj at nwlink.com
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 19:00:24 -0800

So, so far it sounds as if almost all (not Pam, though -- do you remember
what made you pick it up?) those who weren't SF readers before had to have
Bujold shoved into their hot little fists, as I did.  Even if you were
fantasy readers (is that like fantasy football??? -- Miles would be at what

Is there *anyone* on this list for whom Bujold was their first from either
genre?  Or should I be asking this on RRA-L?  <g>

Casey said, re getting past a possible convert's prejudices:
>  This is something that probably most of us have
> designed a "spiel" to work around.

I've got several that work for people who read other genre fiction, but none
that work on the "highbrow" folks.  Any ideas, anyone?

yes, I'm trying to convert a "highbrow" at the moment, so? <eg>