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Paula S. Sanch tygerbryght at myrealbox.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 00:44:49 -0600

Irene wrote:

>	...	I think I
>finally read a few pages and got sucked in by the
>quality of the writing. Then I had to have them all.
>One of the benefits of coming late to a series is that
>I was able to buy all the books that had been
>published and settle down for a weekend of serious

Like most of the 'old-timers' here, I've posted on this topic 
zillions of times; this is a perennially favorite thread.  I 
happened across my first SF in the 7th grade, reading my 
way through the H.S. library (I was a Student Librarian 
Assistant for five of six years through jr. high & H.S.).  
I was instantly enthralled.  That year, while my mother 
was sick, it was a great escape.  The next school year, 
which started off with a bang with my mother dying on 
Sept 13th, SF was my refuge.

I first encountered Lois in Analog.  To the best of my
recollection, I wasn't aware of the novels until after
Falling Free was serialized.  However, it didn't take me 
long then to get what was then in print.  I also recommended 
the books *immediately* to my SF-reading friends, all 
(3) of whom had exactly the same reaction as mine.

I found the list by doing a web search, which led me to 
Mike's webpage, where I read about it and promptly
joined.  That was, I'm reasonably sure, in November
of 1995.  It may seem uncharacteristic, but I waited 
several months before posting.  Of course, it was my
first (real) maillist.  My only previous experience had 
been with the SF Lovers Digest, back in the 1980s.
I didn't post much there - maybe 3 or 4 posts per year,
so it was something of a habit. :)

> ... To Non-SF readers I say, "This is just a
>great book. Don't even worry about what category it's
>in. If you don't like it after 2 chapters, I'll never
>bring it up again". They are sometimes willing to
>consider more SF recommendations after reading LMB,
>but since there are a very limited number of authors
>of her caliber, they drift back to their regular
>genres. I've never personally converted anyone to a
>love of SF based on LMB alone.

I usually recommend Mary Doria Russell in (almost) the
same breath as Lois.  They are both excellent writers, with 
characterization their strongest points (and both light years 
ahead of everyone else in the genre of whom I'm aware), 
and highly visual.  They got there from different starting 
points, however.  As we all know,  Lois learned from Sayers, 
Heyer, etc.  Mary learned from Dorothy Dunnett, and still 
worships at that shrine. :)

My most recent "Try 'em, you'll like 'em" was directed at 
the radiology tech last month who did my mammogram.
Paula S