[LMB] TTT review (it's OK to hate Tolkien)

James and Mary Burbidge jamesandmary.burbidge at sympatico.ca
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:41:16 -0500

Tracy MacShane wrote:
> But, but, but... hobbits are still young in their 30s. Frodo was having his "coming of age"
> party at the age of 33 (after his irresponsible "tweens"), which makes a 21-year-old actor the
> perfect age. And really, what life experience has Frodo had up until the beginning of the
> book? It will be interesting to see how he looks at the end of the movie series, tho'...

The real ageing issues are Merry and Pippin. At the time of the quest,
Merry is 39, and should look _older than Frodo_, as a result of Frodo's
possessing the Ring. (Pippin, by contrast, was about 12 years old at the
time of the Party, and should look _just_ younger than Frodo -- Merry
was about 20 at the same time.)  And there's never any indication in the
books that Merry, during the quest, ever behaved any less than fully
grown up.

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