[LMB] TTT review ( now hobbits & casting)

Lathia Lathia at nwlink.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:42:49 -0800

> Alayne McGregor points out:

> He's too young. He's too cute. The shape of face (fairly broad) is good,
> as is his (lack of) height. But he doesn't look like he's had the life
> experience to handle the journey. And Frodo in the book was already 33 at
> the start -- I think an actor in his late 20s to mid-30s (rather than 21)
> would have been better.

Yes, He is too young to really be frodo as (I think) Frodo was about 50 at
the time of his adventure.  I discussed that with others at the time of the
first movie and the general feeling was that when you have an actor that is
that perfect in other respects, you make him young.  I don't think he is too
cute - Hobbits are cute.  I like him as Frodo.  Sam is perfect too.  They've
made the other two into more of a comic relief then they were in the books -
for instance it wasn't Frodo who figured out you speak "friend" in elvish to
open the door, but rather one of the other hobbits (Merry I think). But I am
willing to accept that as part of the movie.    As for the others, when I
read the first time years ago, I had a crush on Strider, I was all ready for
them to miscast it but I think viggo with black hair is perfect.  The
casting of the elves & wizards all work for me, Hugo (elrond) seemed a bit
off but as I watch it again (and again) I like him better.  I don't think
they really give Gimli enough personality {1}, he seems flat.   He gets a
bit more in the extended version.

I didn't expect to like the movie, on the whole I don't think that book to
movie translations work well when the books are as long and complicated as
the LOTR books are.  Esp not when everyone has had years to come up with
their own visualization of what things look like.  But I did like them and I
already have at ticket to see the two towers (2).

And (to tie in with an other topic) One of my favorite D&D characters I've
played recently was a Half - orc barbarian.  She was a lot of fun to play,
but a bit wearing on the other members of the group She wasn't particularlly
intelligent and like to hit things with her axe. They wanted her to practice
some tactics (not run out and kill everything that looked slightly
dangerous) which she translated as not-fightng (And thought that was funny
fighter learning).  She settled on (obj. Bujold ref.) remembering to ask the
other (human) fighter in the group if it was OK to Kill now before going
into battle.  She was also good at setting off traps (stupid enough to do
it; enough hit points to survive it).

Susan in Bellevue

1.   I really liked the dwarf in the D&D movie that came out several years
ago - about the only part I did like about it.

2. On Saturday, in costume - As an elf if I get that done or as a ring
wraith if I don't