[LMB] Miles' Self Image - an Interesting Analysis

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Mon, 16 Dec 2002 22:02:30 -0500

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>    Who would agree with this and why, and who thinks
> it's off kilter and why?
>    " Vorkosigan has no belligerence about him --
> apparently feels no need to defend or establish his
> identity. Despite his short stature, his birth defect
> caused by the first assassination attempt against him,
> and the occasional assassination attempt aimed at him
> now, his comfort with his identity makes him a
> pleasant character to identify with. It's other
> people's opinions that give him problems, not his
> opinion of himself. A reader who had a similar comfort
> level with their own identity--or a reader who lacked
> an identity entirely--would find visiting this
> character's life a pleasant evening's read. Most of
> the rest of this series has more humor to it, but I
> enjoyed watching Miles play the role he was born to,
> Royal Heir, instead of Renegade Mercenary/Secret
> Agent."

In _ACC_, when Count Vorbretton asks Miles if Lady Donna has ever
"collected" him, he replied that he doubts if she ever looked down that low,
or something of that nature.

Rather than being someone who is comfortable with his own self-image, I see
him as someone who is *determined* to accept his own self-image, and has
succeeded somewhat.

Ray Drouillard