[LMB] a Milesian moment, of sorts

Marty L. Adkins adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:08:16 -0500

I was rereading Heyer's _The Foundling_ tonight [one of my very 
favorites--yum!], when, at the end of chapter 23, the irascible uncle is 
discussing the hero, a short, slim young man, and says, "The boy has not 
managed so ill! I own, I had not thought he had so much resolution!  I 
begin to have hopes of him.  I should not be at all surprised if he turns 
out to be as good a man as his father.  It is a thousand pities he is so 
undersized, but you may have noticed that he has his own dignity."

"I have frequently noticed it, sir" replies the tall, dark, dashing, 
slightly older, fiercely-devoted-but-careful-not-to-show-it, cousin serving 
in the military.

We've noticed it too.

Jerrie, who liked the main character well enough, but wouldn't have at all 
minded seeing more of the cousin. :)