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> Well, one of the potential difficulties is that the
> Disc is a fantasy world
> where the people in it are at least sublimably aware
> that they *are* in a
> fantasy world.  Witness the moment in "Guards,
> Guards!" where the Night Watch
> is attempting to figure out just how hard a "million
> to one shot" would be,
> because if it's a million to one shot you know it
> always succeeds...
> If you can swallow that, they're actaully enjoyable.

Excuse me, please.  This may sound a bit insulting,
but - LIGHTEN UP!!

We *already* live in a fantasy world!  Society and its
paradigms, by which we live our lives, are devised by
the human mind and are imposed behaviours.  There is
absolutely no biological imperative to get a driver's
license.  There is no genetic reason to pierce ears. 
People do these things because someone once *imagined*
doing them.  We live every day in a welter of fantasy.

And, quite frankly, to me, if you have to 'swallow'
the idea that someone would knowingly do something a
tad ridiculous, you need to go out and do something
ridiculous yourself.  And learn to laugh at it.


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