[LMB] OT: astrology

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:27:49 -0800

About Slavs in LotR -- The name Radagast is borrowed
(slightly altered) from a minor Slavic god.

> -_-_-
> From: Susan Fox-Davis <selene at earthlink.net>
> . . . None of us is very much alike at all, which just shows
> to go you, either Astrology is all flamingoed up or else the
> time of day and location have more to do with things than anyone
> thought.

And if it's not time of day or location, it's comets, asteroids . . .

On another hand - Dan Alderson and I are 19 years apart, so we have Sun
and Moon in common, and we're both math-nerds with a taste for obscurely
twisted humor (even among LASFS members).  Some conspicuous differences,
of course; he kept his job at JPL for four or five times as long as all
my technical jobs put together, and I'm not likely to die of diabetes at
age 48.

> . . . a fussy SCA heraldry business meeting . . .

I used to do those.  Ask me sometime about a submission of mine that
Vesper rejected at first glance, despite its technical excellence.

...But off list, as I'm gone again.  It's all too much.

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