[LMB] OT: several movies, two jeux de mots and an unknown number of bacteria

Alexandra Y. Kwan litalex at slashyalex.com
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 02:56:13 -0800


At 22:57 12/16/2002, Anton Sherwood wrote:
>Am I the only one unhappy with Legolas?  An Elf ought to have a palpable
>aura of inhuman grace; Galadriel, with the fancy lighting, at least
>conveyed that such a notion was intended. ;)  Short of that, conspicuous
>beauty and/or power; Arwen and Elrond are acceptable there.  But this
>Bloom person - I am not a bit surprised to learn what his other film
>role was, and I'd cast him if Meriadoc were removed from the script and
>replaced with Frodo's other cousin Nerdley Boffin.

What's wrong with Bloom?  I rather thought he's pretty enough for the role 
(at least according to quite a number of Japanese fangirls, LOL).  I was 
unhappy with Elrond, actually, since I don't find him good-looking, but 
that's me.

little Alex