[LMB] Yah hoooooo! I'm so excited!!! OT:

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham a.abraham at mail.utexas.edu
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:57:31 -0600

On Tuesday, December 17, 2002, at 03:18 PM, Pam wrote:

> I just have to share this with someone...  I won the SEGWAY contest.
> (Not that I'm the only winner, but I'm one of several), which means
> a trip to Manchester, NH, dinner with Dean Kamen, a trip through
> the factory (I think) and a tee-shirt, etc.  And it means I'll get
> my Segway before the end of this year, earlier than many who will
> go as late as next July!!!!!

Wow, that's incredibly amazing!  Totally wonderful!  I demand pictures 
and videos!  I had a friend who got to drive one, and I am incredibly 

> Now I only have to find someone to go with me.

Pick me, pick me!  Oh wait, I've already got firm plans till late 
May... :-(

Andrew - who notes that what may be the first appearance of a Segway 
(by name) in fiction may be in Steve Stirling's Conquistador. :-)