[LMB] Bujold vs. Pratchett worldviews

Damien Sullivan phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:47:07 -0800

Just thought of another difference, related to but not the same as the Law
issue.  Nepotism.  Miles's world is rank with it.  Well, Barrayar as a whole
is rank with it, as Aral or Miles says "it's not a vice with us, it's a way of
life".  It just happens to work out fine for the Vorkosigans and Gregor
because these super-competent people find and attract other super-competent
people.  I'm not sure it's even occurred to Pratchett to attack nepotism
directly, it might be too obvious an evil in his mind. :)  But even an early
novel like Wyrd Sisters undercut the idea of the True Heir and inherited

And when he does use The True Heir, as with Carrot, it's only to subvert it
again -- Carrot doesn't take the throne, and probably never will.

I suspect many Pratchett characters would have acerbic words about the idea of
challenges as gifts, but I'm not sure I can pin down anyone besides Rincewind.
Colon and Nobby too, I guess.  Susan, probably, to pick someone from the less
lazy side of things, would say challenges should be beated with a stick, and
Vimes might have words about just Who's deciding to hand out challenges to

-xx- Damien X-)