[LMB] Deep Dish Chicago Style

Kay Bishop KBooklover at email.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:20:55 -0500

At 12/17/2002 03:55 PM +0000, Noel Cummins wrote:
>i"ll have mine with lots of toppings in a deep dish Chicago style, 
>thank you.
>Noel, the secondmost anonymous person in the world

Nice ta meetcha, Noel, now world-famous for being anonymous. <g>  Like 
your taste in pizza, too.

Kay -- who used to live there, and would move back "in a heartbeat"
P.S.  Do non-(U.S.)southerners say this too?  Never heard it until I 
moved here, but after 20+ years it's hard to tell which changes are due 
to geography and which due to time.