[LMB] OT: political "dynasties"/wealthy candidates (Was: Weird Link)

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:56:56 -0600

Diane Echelbarger wrote:
>Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin is another. I believe he makes a point 
>of spending nobody's money but his own on his campaigns.

That's right, I forgot about him.

>But then, what can you expect from a state that elected both "Fighting 
>Bob" LaFollette, the founder of the Progressive Movement, and Eugene 
>McCarthy to national office?  <G>

*Joe* McCarthy. Eugene was from Minnesota (and is far less of a 
contrast with LaFollette).

>As for political dynasties, what about the Daleys of Chicago? Father 
>and son were both elected mayor.

Oh, yes, there are plenty of others besides those I mentioned: the 
Rockefellers, the Udalls, the Kennedys, the Browns (California), the 
Lees, the Longs, the Talmadges, the Chafees... IIRC Howard Baker was Ev 
Dirksen's son-in-law. But most dynasties entrench themselves in the 
House of Representatives or the statehouse, and don't have much 
national impact. Most are short-lived: a couple of FDR's sons went into 
the House of Representatives, but none went further, and the next 
generation of Kennedys has been rather unsuccessful.

I don't see them as a major problem.

Jim Parish