[LMB] OT College students' andtheir unintended humour

Daniel R. Reitman dreitman at spiritone.com
18 Dec 2002 21:29:57 +0000

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <a.abraham at mail.utexas.edu>:

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> I think my family has the best "Paper read aloud" story.  My father and 
> mother both teach in the same department, though different fields, at 
> UT.  One evening my mother was grading papers and read a particular 
> passage aloud.  My father said "That sounds VERY familiar..."  He had 
> actually already returned his papers to his students, so he had to make 
> them all turn them back in again, to find that indeed a pair of 
> students had turned the same paper in to different classes, not 
> realizing the instructors were married...

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There's a variant of this kind of story at Oberlin, probably an urban 

Student decides to write 4th hour paper in a course set for 3-4 
hours.  His/her strategy is to select an obscure topic and write an 
encyclopedia paper on it.

Prof takes one look at the finished product and says, "Oh?  I wrote 
my thesis on [subject]."

(The usual coda is that prof takes pity on student and gives the 
minimum passing grade for trying.)

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