[LMB] Re: Winterfair Gifts

Vlatka vlatka55 at SoftHome.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 12:22:57 +0100

Paula S. wrote:
 > Um, Andrew, I think you're Not Thinking.  It is not Lois's
 > fault the idiot U.S. publishers have done this thing.  And
 > she is still the copyright owner.  We have no right to post
 > this to the list, or anywhere else on the Web.

Laura Gallagher responded:

>I don't know - if we're BUYING Russian or Croatian translations (which
>I'm for), is it a problem?

Does any of this apply to the snippet as well?  I'll be able to post the 
first half of the
raw translation quite soon, but don't want to offend anyone, least of all Lois.
(Although I suspect she might get a good laugh out of it all.)