[LMB] OT: The Two Towers, no spoilers

Susan Fox-Davis selene at earthlink.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:42:27 -0800

My take:

No spoilers, if that term even applies to a work that's been in the
public eye for 50+ years.

My inner literary purist is going to have to stop screaming before I can

manage to look at this film objectively.  We were warned that the plots
and pathways were going to depart from the original book, that much is
true.  Characters move around in places they are not supposed to go,
mostly for the purpose of giving some of them more screen time, but most

of them wind up where they are supposed to be for the beginning of
"Return of the King."  A bit hard to take, I suggest if you want to
enjoy the film, do NOT go read the book first to have it fresh in your

On Gollum:  steals the show.  Picks it up and walks off with it.  The
awards people are going to have to invent a new category for electronic
acting.   The Ents are spot-on as well, but perhaps they should have
gotten someone besides the already-familiar John Rhys-Davies to voice

On Grima Wormtongue:  wonderfully slimey.  Have we not all had to
contend with someone like this, whose sweet words poison a family, group

or nation?  Brad Dourif is someone for the Harry Potter casting office
to keep in mind should anything ever happen to Alan Rickman [Valar

Comparisons with the "Harry Potter" features each fall is unavoidable.
Last year, HP had a stone troll, LoTR had a better one.  This year, both

films feature an electronically-generated humanoid with bad grammar and
a servile attitude, and again, cute as Dobby was, he pales before the
lifelike antics of Gollum.  Maybe the Harry movies will look better by
#4 when there are no Lord of the Rings movies coming out about the same
time. :-\

GOOD heraldry!  The white horse of Rohan flew proudly over the keep, as
it should.  You know you're into heraldry when you note that the Nazgul
are riding =wyverns= not dragons. ;-)

I want to smack the Americans in this and make them get their English
accents back.  Arg.

That's all for now, ducking for thrown bricks,
Susan Fox-Davis/Ma Foxti
selene at earthlink.net