[LMB] Re: Good Kings was Bujold vs. Pratchett worldviews

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Fri, 20 Dec 2002 12:14:12 -0600 (CST)

Quoting Agnes Charrel-Berthillier <agnes at charrel.net>:

>Miles's treason trial.

An excellent example, but it was mentioned as rare I believe.
> And frankly I don't know where anybody can get any exact ideas of
> Gregor's 
> standard governmental practices when we only have seen his public
> ruler's face 
> twice in the book.

Well, we also saw Council votes in ACC in the Vorbretten and Vorryuter 
cases, and as I recall Gregor caused a stir by voting there as well.  

But I haven't read ACC recently, so I could be way off.  I do distinctly recall 
the general sense that Gregor doesn't use his vote as Count Vorbarra 

> The fact that he is surrounded by faithful minions who will do what he
> wants 
> anyway doesn't mean he never behaves autocratically (all for the benefit
> of the 
> empire, of course).

That is very true, and I'm curious what the exact relationship between 
Gregor and the Council of Counts is.  How many of the checks in his 
power are explicit and how many are simply understood?  (Which format 
is stronger?)
> We are talking about the master and commander of Impsec!

But how much does he do as commander of ImpSec, as opposed to 
simply putting Simon in charge and saying "Preserve the Empire"?