[LMB] OT: Status of amoeba members

George S. Vaughan gsvaughan at insightbb.com
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 17:20:39 -0500

I wrote to Pilot Padget:

>>Scott, is there any news of Ian and Marna?  I find that I miss her on
>>the Bujold mailing list.

Pilot Padget wrote to me:

>I really ought to pop onlist long enough to provide an update every 
>now and again.  But my life is rivaling theirs in the "insanely 
>overbusy" department.

>They got the house a couple weeks back, and are in process of 
>moving/remodeling right now.  Marna's life consists largely of 
>plaster/sand/clean/bathe/eat/sleep/repeat.  Ian's doing a variation on 
>that dance, too, and dealing with a new job as well.  They had a bit 
>of trouble with the phones, but that seems to be fixed now; I don't 
>know where they stand in regards to getting Net access at the new 
>place (or computers moved/installed), but I don't think they'd really 
>have time to play online anyway.


>Sorry this is so short, but Real Life is making demands (sigh).

>Scott--say, you could post this to the list for me, if it's not 
>too much trouble....