[LMB] Re: Murder Mysteries in a fast penta universe

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 16:14:41 -0800

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> Dan T. lists how LMB cleverly avoided her own
> difficult fast-penta traps:
> MEMORY (everyone logically has induced allergies)
> D.I. (no authority to use fast penta)
> KOMARR (unwilling to use/abuse fast penta)
> I would like to add: CETA. also comes under
> the DI category, and one for "The Mountains of
> Mourning" : Gotta *catch* your fast penta
> subject! (plus a touch of KOMARR)

Right. I thought of MoM after I made my post. I'd completely
forgotten about _Cetaganda_ though.

Note that in _Komarr_, it was his authority as Imperial Auditor
that he was cautious about using/abusing, not just the abuse of
fast-penta. There was also the time early in the book when they
were out in the aircar and he held back from having them land at
the Experiment Station for the same reason. Doing that would have
blown the conspiracy way too early, at least as far as the plot

> Considering the perfectly reasonable difficulties
> that Dan T. listed for an author trying to write
> mysteries in the Vorkosiverse, LMB is really
> quite clever to have pulled it off so many times.

Yes, and she will probably have to do it again and again in
future Miles books. Personally, I wish she'd have a Miles
investigation that didn't involve the Fate Of Empires and similar
cosmic implications. Just a little mystery that few beyond the
people involved care about. MoM was like that, but the others all
had significant political implications.

Dan Tilque