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Shrinking the hobbits (and probably the dwarf too) was one of the techniques
used, among others. For example, a scene with both Gandalf and Bilbo in Bag
End was filmed twice. First using the actor that interacted with the
environment most, then the film was either shrunk (if Bilbo was filmed) or
enlarged (if Gandalf was), and then the other actor was filmed before a blue
screen. As told by the production team on the extended DVD. So in the scene
where Bilbo was dusting his bookshelves, or otherwise interacting with them,
with Gandalf looking on, Bilbo was filmed first in the large Bag End, and
Gandalf before a blue screen afterwards. The film with Bilbo was then shrunk
by computer, and put together with the film with Gandalf.


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> In digest 1891 Laura Gallagher <kelts at earthlink.net> corrected
> my earlier post
> > My understanding of this is that the hobbits were NOT shrunk via
> > computer.  Having spent much happy time watching the appendices to the
> > extended cut DVD - they did forced perspective, work with scale doubles
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> Ok, thanks for the correction.
> I can't find find the original source from where I had gained
> that impression. I suspect it was from the mass media.
> Certainly I had heard or read that incorrect info, prior to
> December 2000, a year before the release of the first movie, and
> IIRC around the time that the main live actor filming had
> finished.
> Martin.
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