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> >  What about poor Vormoncrief in ACC? He tried to win Ekaterin in
> > a clumsy way, and he meddled in political affairs. When this came
> > to Gregor's attentoon he was finally sent to Camp Permafrost.
> > This is what I would call following an imperial whim. There was
> > no trial, Alexi Vormoncrief was not heard in this matter.
> We do not see that Vormoncrief was heard. That does not mean he was
not. It
> was two weeks before Miles heard where Vormoncrief was posted next,
so that
> leaves ample time for a hearing by ones superior officer.

Note that we not only do not hear him heard, we do not see him
receiving quasi-judicial punishment.  Camp Permafrost has been a place
of exile for undesirables since Aral was an ensign, but I greatly
doubt that anyone has been *formally* sentenced to a tour of duty
there.  Contrariwise, it would be a very (classical-)liberal state
indeed where a trooper could sue his commanding officer (let alone his
commander-in-chief) on the theory that his post is secretly

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