[LMB] Asking Permissions (was How Engineers Spoil Christmas (joke))

Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 09:37:35 -0800 (PST)

Hi Bo, Pat & Martin....

   You three had me just puddled with giggles, with
your responses to the Engineer joke!!! I would love to
gather up these replies and send them back to my
brother, as I'm sure he'd get a huge kick out of them
too. Would anyone mind? I will be sure to tell him not
to share it on (which request he would scrupulously
respect). Answer offlist, if you wish, on this
particular request, though if you'd like to opine in
general, please see footnote.... ;D

~ Casey, more than ever conscious of *not* forwarding
without permission.... [1]

[1] I have at times shared stuff gleaned from this
list (usually, but not always, just links, such as
Royce's hilarious Weird LotD's), but have always
*very* carefully removed all headers, footers and
addresses, and simply acknowledged that "This is from
a mailing list I'm on" or sometimes saying "This is
from the Lois Bujold mailing list." 

   I'd really like to have some opinions about whether
this is a fair and mannerly way to share some of the
gems from this so bright and witty group--and
sometimes to actually try to tempt someone to join us,
by particularly great samples of the intelligence and
cleverness to be found here. I mean, sometimes we're
our own best advertisement, y'know? <G>

   So.... with the discussion open re the proper
etiquette of sharing vis a vis this specific list, how
about some input, opinion and clarification? Thanks!  


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