Potential names OT: (was Re: [LMB] Stats for Dec 16 00:00 to Dec 23 00:00 (51 % percent)

Christine L. Forber christine at forber.net
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 20:16:28 -0500

At 04:42 PM 12/26/2002 -0500, Natalie Getzoff wrote:
>Lorraine-the-ectothermal-Westerner wrote:
>>Your countdown is
>> on!! BTW, what's the latest iteration of Throkmortyne Blaise <wide
>> g>??
>No!  Stop it!  Larry is already fascinated enough with Throkmortyne 
>Blaise as a potential name.  No need to bring it up on-list, where 
>there will undoubtedly be encouragement for his bad behavior.  
>Some of his other suggestions include Ethel, Myrtle, and Hortense...  
>Ned I say more?

When I was expecting my first child, my husband and I decided that we didn't 
want any help or advice on names. So, if anyone asked, we said that we'd 
decided on Grizelda if it was a girl and Ichabod if a boy. It worked. We 
usually got a grin and an "ok, I won't ask then" sort of comment. (By the 
way, we named him Colin.)