Subject: [LMB] Re: Food Fight/now humor

lorraine fletez-brant lorrainenfletez at
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 11:28:20 -0700

From: "Paula S. Sanch"
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 00:22:47 -0600

>Andrew Lambdin-Abraham wrote:

>>>... But to me, the Food Fight was just wrong, as opposed to how
>I've seen things done in other places (like the Watch in Much Ado
>About Nothing).  Of course, I really didn't like the Dinner Party
>either.  It was very painful, not funny, for me.<<<

nothing wrong with that, andrew!


>>Perhaps it could be really well done in a play or movie, and I'd
>"get it", there.  I certainly find Shakespere much easier to
>watch than read.  It really sticks with me then.  But I honestly
>have to say I doubt it.  Usually when a character is about to do
>something Stupid I squirm and often leave the room if TV to avoid
>seeing it.<<

>It's quite a relief to see that someone else feels so very much
the same about these scenes.<

>Now I realize that, by comparison with some very nice people I
know well, my sense of humor seems somehow lacking.  I'm not
saying this about Andrew (or, indeed, about anyone else who
might be similarly squeamish about these scenes in ACC), because
I also have no appreciation for pratfall humor in visual mode,
whether it's Shakespeare or the Three Stooges.<

>I don't mean this to sound (and SURELY NOT to be) "holier than
thou", as there's very little about me that's holy.  But I simply can't
ever see something which causes pain (however transient) or
embarassment to anyone as amusing.  YM(almost certainly)MV.<

hi, all - waal, I guess it's time to gird mah loins an' defend mah 'parently 
bizarre sense o' humor. maht need some lutefisk t' shore me up some.

okay, i'll come clean, i actually save a list of things that happen 
throughout the year, some of which might have been excruciatingly painful 
(physically or emotionally) at the time and then write what i've been told 
is an extremely amusing Christmas letter (which hasn't been written yet this 
year) about same events, having a great time reliving as i write.

frex - tmi, colonoscopies  (i've had 3) are agony to me; i can't be drugged 
enough and i'm yowling the whole time. nothing faintly humourous about it. 
nonetheless, i managed to scream to the doctor that i was going to write to 
amnesty international and have my name put on a list so there could be a 
letter-writing campaign on my behalf. i still get tears in my eyes laughing 
when i tell that story. i hope some are laughing as they're reading now. 

another dark example, when my stepfather died 4 years ago, it was a horrible 
event, of course. since i was holding his hand for 3 hours until he died, my 
finding humor where i could was no disrespect to him, in fact, he would have 
appreciated it, too. After he died, i called the mortuary (3 am) and 
reported his death, only to hear a sigh and get hung up on! the guy thought 
it was a prank call. i called back and said, no, really. i explained the 
situation and  the voice got frostier which i found really weird. i'd 
expected sympathy. he asked for the address; i gave it and he said he was 
going to call the police because it was an unattended, suspicious death! 
aaaack. nnnnooooo, i said, through hospice and expected. well, he said, 
unless we get a call directly from hospice, we're not coming. we did comply, 
but my mother (and kipper who had stayed also) and i alternated between 
crying about the death and howling with laughter at the mortuary/police 
situation (my stepfather would have been howling with us).

so,you see, i never laugh AT; i'm laughing WITH. and is it a way of 
releasing horrible tension ? possibly. do i require you to laugh with me or 
think it odd if you don't ? not at all. just please don't assume that i'm 
finding *pleasure* in someone's misfortune; i may be finding humor, but 
that's different. after all, i am laughing because i've *been* there in some 
way and can relate to the situation - and if it HAD been me, i would have 
laughed afterwards even harder! does that make me weird? maybe 
<assuredly!ggg>. but at least i smile a lot...

lorraine - who did *do* tmi this time, but it was medical, see? also, 
apologies for no caps - this was one-handed as I had cortisone shots 
yesterday in my hip and elbow; i thought the topic important enough to sit 
and peck out, even in discomfort! humor must be important to me, hmmmm

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