[LMB] Who has Gregor's personal comcode?

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 00:17:26 -0500

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> {{lost attribution, sorry}}
> >> The use of "this channel" implies there is at least
> one other. <...> I would venture to suggest that Ivan
> has invoked his political access to Gregor for the
> first time ever, as opposed to his more usual personal
> access. <<
>    One other small thing, a little before the
> conversation between Ivan and Gregor. We're in Ivan's
> POV [1] and we see: "With a reluctant sigh, he dug out
> the security card he'd managed to avoid using for the
> past several years."
>    Had he only *had* it in the last several years and
> never used it? Or had he had it in his possession for
> longer, but its last *use* had been those several
> years ago? On what other occasion in the "past several
> years" would he have had to call Gregor with it? For
> such a nearly throw-away line, this is sure leaving a
> lot of room for speculation!

I was assuming that Ivan had had Gregor's number most of Ivan's life -- Ivan
is one of Gregor's most closely-related relatives and vice versa, both of
them have had Aral as closest thing to a father figure in their lives, and
both are close friends of Miles.... I read it as Ivan had the access to
Gregor if he wanted to use it, but was reluctant to do so.   Miles being the
sort of fellow he is with his penchant for landing in the middle of things
of Imperial Interest, has always landed in situations that land him having
to deal with Gregor -- and would even if he weren't so closely related to
the Emperor. The Private Army situation, for example, in Warrior's
Apprentice, was GUARANTEED to bring him to the highest level of government
attention on Barrayer.

Miles is sort of an anti-Flandry, and Flandry eventually became a crony of
Emperors of Terra.