[LMB] Re death to LMB characters

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Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:33:50 -0700

Hi, all!

Mandos wrote:
>Personaly I like to see characters killed off, other
characters turn up and create a more believable universe. <snip>
Her series would be no worse if she didn't kill anyone, but I would prefer 
to see some attrition.<


anne nicole wrote:
>I miss the higher stakes of some of the earlier books. Things seemed more 
>permanent then. Most recently, Bel survived the plague in DI, even though 
>it could very easily have died. I think it's time for another major 
>character to die and raise the stakes for us again. <

Dang, but y'all are a bloodthirsty lot! <gg>

If it's all the same to Lois, I'd just as soon that the *evil*, nasty 
characters get their comeuppance, not my favorite friends! I was really 
upset when Bothari bit the dust. One of the traits of Lois' writing that I 
admire most is that her characters (in the main) grow and develop, and we 
get to go along for the ride. Sometimes that growth is painful to reach, 
sometimes it's humorous, but it's always there. It's pretty hard to keep 
stretching as a character after you've been written out of the dance <wave 
to Andrew, tangoing in the corner, g>.

I'm in with the plan by Martha to set up a research institute to save Taura; 
I vote we set it up connected to the library on Bujoldar, where our number 2 
clones can make use of all the books they can find to help (of course, 
figuring out the system has been a problem, hasn't it?) Hey, maybe my number 
2 clone got a functioning math gene! (This also raises the point that 
perhaps the number 1 clone somehow learned to skin animals and create Martha 
Stewart-worthy housing material with her teeth. Maybe I won't get eaten 
after all <hee>!)

Welcome to our newest listees and lurkers surfacing! Glad to hear you!

Lorraine - Lil' Horned Hopper

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