[LMB] Vor Lords (was Re: Who has Gregor's personalcomcode?)

Nancy Barber nancy at dendarii.com
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:11:13 -0500

At 7:32 PM -0600 12/30/02, D Echelbarger wrote:
>  > > > [...] Ivan gets the "Lord Vorpatril" honorific because of
>  > > > his close relationship to the Emperor (second cousin, or
>>  > > something the like).
>>  > I don't think this is completely correct,
>  > Well, since that is what Lois said, I think we can count on it
>  > being correct. :)
>Sorry, but as I posted earlier in the day, that's
>not what I remember Lois saying at all.

I think there was a little too much snipping somewhere in
the chain, Diane.  My reading is that Greg is referring to
the quote in the FAQ, which is more-or-less what you
said, and not to Pete's comment above.

     Nancy Barber