[LMB] Vor Lords

Bo Johansson bo at dendarii.com
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 13:07:05 +0100

On Dec 31, 2002 "D Echelbarger" wrote:
> [...] So, let's assume that Padma's father wasn't
> the first Lord Vorpatril (and thus didn't get the
> title for marrying Olivia Vorbarra's as-yet-unnamed
> youngest sister).  What could some past Vorpatril
> ancestor have done to *earn* his "Lord"? <G>

Even if Padma's father did get the title for marrying
the princess, Ivan is "Lord Vorpatril" because he has
inherited that title, he isn't called that just as a
honorific because he is the Emperors second(?) cousin.

As for other reasons behind the title, Padma's father
or grandfather might also have been heroes of the
Or maybe the grandfather got the title for service to
industry in the interval between the rediscovery and
the Cetagendan invasion, or perhaps...

// Bo Johansson