[LMB] OT: Re death to LMB characters

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Tue, 31 Dec 2002 18:08:36 EST

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>I would rather exist among complete strangers and deal with the grief and
>culture shock than *not* exist.  This is one of my objections to people
>wanting to take this choice away from people because *they* wouldn't like
>(Please don't do unto me as you would have me do unto you.  I'm not you!)
>I don't really want to be some other person whose memories of my current
>life and existence are as dim as the "past life memories" I have learned
>to access in my occult study.
>And perhaps these things won't happen.  Perhaps there IS an afterlife
>where my self is retained, and perhaps it's even a decent and just place,
>instead of a place where you can be condemned to eternal misery for at
>best 100 or so years of mistakes, no matter how bad, or perhaps merely
>failing to kiss the right deity's arse in the approved manner.
>However, lacking conclusive proof, continuing the life I have, with or
>without the people I love or my culture, seems preferable to not doing
>You can always make new friends.  I love a lot of people.  I don't love
>anyone so much I'd rather die than live without them.
>~malfoy  :)
>...you say "death eater" like it's a bad thing...

[THUG] C'mon. No Bujold content is off topic. It wouldn't have been that hard 
to bring it back around to Taura, would it? [/THUG]

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