[LMB] Don't forget Ivan

K Kuhn kknolte at ecity.net
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:21:36 -0600

Eric Oppen wrote:

> Miles has been incredibly lucky again and again.  Sooner or later, if he
> were real, he'd fall on his face, big-time.  You know, I sometimes wonder
> if, under different circumstances, Miles might become a compulsive gambler?

I thought he was - he just gambles with people rather than money.  Why
don't you see it that way?

> She does like to "do the worst thing possible" to her characters, though.

LMB would have to rewrite the Vorkosiverse assumptions to make it one
where being a Vorkosigan and meaning well don't result in a happy
ending, though.  (Which is how I prefer to put it - Miles gets away with
his scams as long as he means well, not that he got unlucky in Memory).


> Having Ivan not only no longer available, but actively opposed to Miles,
> might be the worst thing possible.  Particularly if Miles _knows_ that from
> Ivan's POV, Miles _is_ responsible and the guilty party.  This would be an
> opportunity for some really entertaining angst (hey, what can I say, I'm a
> sadist---when I started writing Harry Potter fanfics, I killed Hermione, my
> favorite character, twice in my first two stories!  Besides, if you doubt my
> sadism---just go through the archives and look at my puns!) and would create
> an interesting new conundrum for Miles to deal with. 

Well, you're preaching to the choir, as far as I'm concerned.  That's
why I mentioned _Teckla_.  Dealing with being a failure and a screwup
makes for more realism in a long series than someone who always, by the
end of the book, comes up smelling of roses.

> Another point---what makes you think Imperial Auditor is a _better_
> position?  My own guess is that long before the end of _DI_, Miles is going
> to long bitterly for the good old days of nothing to worry about but a fleet
> of nutty mercenaries and Cetagandan enemies.  If nothing else, he's never
> had _his wife_ anywhere near the line of fire before.

Shrug- Elli and Elena and Taura have all been in the line of fire, and
all of them would have been a lot more unhappy with Miles if he'd tried
to tell them to stay out of combat.  As to why Imperial Auditor is an
improvement, he gets Imperial authority *legally* without having to be
the Imperial authority.   Admiral Naismith had authority, but Auditor
Vorkosigan has authority recognized by Barrayarans as well.  And if
Miles just wanted authority without Barrayaran recognition, he wouldn't
have asked for the captaincy at the end of Memory that he did.