[LMB] Don't forget Ivan

Mark Atwood mra at pobox.com
31 Jan 2002 19:40:31 -0800

Alan Barclay <gorilla at elaine.furryape.com> writes:
> [Miles as gambler, with the chips being human lives]
> And he's lost. Sgt. Beatrice and the 2 combat shuttles in BoI.

To be fair, in that particular instance, the cost of refusing to play
the game was *all* the POWs miserably dead, and an entire planetary
culture crushed into non-existence.

I would bet that The Great Escape was *the* most successful mission
"Admiral Naismith" ever ran, measured both in immediate number of
people saved, and it's multiplying, resonating effect over time.

It literally singlehandely changed the outcome of a war of
invasion. In that victory, Miles' glory outshone that of both Aral
*and* Piotr.

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