[LMB] OT: Education

Stephen Nelson snelson134 at charter.net
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 00:07:58 -0600

Never worked on a software project with multiple
contractors, have you? 8-)

But seriously, you're right about education (my mom's a 4th
grade teacher). Unfortunately, it's a chicken and egg
problem: people won't pay more money for teachers if they
can't get rid of the bad ones; teachers rightly fear losing
any of their job protections for fear that some bozo with an
agenda will get them fired / sue them into oblivion / bring
false criminal charges no matter how good they are.  

David Snyder wrote:
> primary/secondary teachers are.  Where else are employees held accountable
> for the shortcomings and failings of others?  If X fails, it's *your* fault,