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> .  But I would like to see education bettered.
> I'd like to see the profession of teaching have higher status (what's
> that marvelous SF short story, about  the man working his way up from
> principal to supervisory all the way up to Teacher?).

-- by Harry Turtledove.  Who has three frighteningly intelligent daughters, 
all of whom go to a private school.  

  But I don't > know how to go about it, particularly given the current state 
> of
> education in our country.

-- parents are a large part of the problem.  Many actively interfere with the 
teacher's best efforts; excessive sense of entitlement in action.

> ObBujold: thinking of the taken-for-granted womens' work - I would
> hazard a guess that teachers on Athos are highly regarded.

-- you betcha.