[LMB] Women in Combat OT:

Natalie gnatg at bookcase.com
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 09:37:23 -0500

Virginia L Stoll wrote:

> Another thing that tends to be forgotten, particularly when stamina is
> being neglected as compared to strength, is that most tasks require a
> combination of both.  To a large extent, having a decent or high level of
> competence in one area can compensate for a low level of competence in
> another.  Particularly if you know how to approach tasks so as to make
> best use of your advantages.

Just as a complete aside, most people think that their dominant hand is the
stronger one.  More often than not, the reverse is true.  I can't remeber the
exact cite here, but we discussed it during neurology residency and tested about
20 people.  I had believed my right hand was stronger, but actually my left tested
out a little stronger.  What most people interpret as pure strength is a
combination of strength and coordination.  The cahirman of the neuro department
where I did my residency had the most interesting toys in his doctor bag.  :-)

Natalie -- about to neurologize her first person of the day